August 2014

Preventing Tooth Decay in Infancy

It’s a common practice for some parents, but putting your infant to bed with a bottle can lead to tooth decay. Most drinks for infants, like fruit juices and formula, contain sugars. Even breast milk contains sugars, and nighttime feeding can leave these liquids in contact with your child’s teeth for a prolonged period. Good oral care in infancy will reduce the instance and severity of problems later on, so it’s important to maintain strong teeth right from the start.

Who's the Star of Your Smile?

Your teeth may be the stars, but oral health care involves a lot of other players, too.

The Buzz About Veneers

Even with dedicated care, natural wear can leave your teeth looking less than their best.

The History of Toothpaste

Did you know 19th century French painters helped inspire a popular innovation in dental care?

Back then, most people used tooth powders to clean their teeth, using ingredients such as charcoal, chalk, and even brick dust. Prepared pastes weren’t as popular,until the son of a dental surgeon in Paris mentioned watching local artists squeeze paint on their palettes from tubes. His father began selling his homemade dental cream formula, packaged in similar tubes, marking the invention of the modern toothpaste.