September 2014

20,000 Teeth In a Lifetime?!?

18901_Horse_Modern_TeethHumans only get two sets of teeth in their lifetime, our baby teeth (which can start growing in the womb) and permanent adult teeth. Nature has a lot more variety than that, however. Some animals like sharks continually produce new teeth throughout their life, and can have over 20,000 teeth in a lifetime. Others like horses and rodents have open-rooted teeth that never stop growing; they simply wear down the exposed part while chewing.

My Medications Can Cause Oral Health Issues?

Your overall health is affected by your oral health, but did you realize your oral health can be affected by your other medical concerns, too? If you’re taking multiple medications to treat other health issues, you’re at increased risk for tooth and root decay and gum disease.


Dental Vitality ... Its All About Reception

Who’s the first person you talk to at Babin Dentistry, and the last person you see each visit? Our receptionists, of course, and they’re a vital part of your dental care team. They’ll help you find the right time for an appointment, reschedule your visit when things are running late for you, and take care of all the billing procedures to make that part as easy and effortless as possible for you. They’re also well informed about current insurance plans, including what the major insurance companies cover.

Metal Fillings are a Thing of the Past

For many adults, picturing dental fillings brings up an image of metal-filled teeth. While mercury amalgam fillings were once the best option available, today there are new choices to consider. Amalgam fillings aren’t very attractive, sometimes leak metal ions to cause teeth discolouration, and can expand to cause fractures in teeth.