October 2014

Wisdom Teeth

By their late teens or early twenties, most people get their third set of molars, commonly called wisdom teeth. When they are properly aligned and healthy, they come in as any other tooth would.  More often, however, they’re misaligned and that can cause major problems. They can crowd adjacent teeth, affect your jawbone or nerves, even grow under your other teeth. This can cause bone loss, weakening your jaw if not removed promptly. Even partial eruption gives bacteria an opening in the gums to collect and potentially cause tooth decay or gum disease.

Beam Me Up!

Lasers aren’t the stuff of science fiction anymore. They have a great range of uses in everyday life, including your oral health care. For some clients, we recommend a photodynamic disinfection system that includes a low-intensity cold laser for the treatment of gum disease. For patients requiring gum recontouring or reshaping, we have dental laser therapies that can replace surgical options, providing faster healing times and less painful procedures. As your hygienist if you’d like more information, and we’ll be glad to discuss the options available to you.

Save over $1500 on Invisalign


October 8th to December 4th

Dr. David Babin will be providing FREE consultations to answer your questions about Invisalign treatment, the clear way to straighten teeth. If you have wondered if Invisalign is right for you, make an appointment for this special event.

What’s Your Schedule?

Looking for an appointment time? At Babin Dentistry our regular office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday (except 9am to 5:30pm Wednesday). We are open some Fridays as well, so be sure to contact us to set up an appointment that fits your schedule. We’re just off the Patricia Bay Highway across from the Rithet’s Bog Conservation Area, with plenty of available parking for your convenience.