November 2014

Crowns & Overlays

Chipped, damaged, or decayed teeth don’t always need to be fully replaced. If the whole tooth isn’t lost, it may be possible to cover it with a crown that looks and functions just like a regular tooth. Custom-made from an impression done of the tooth after it’s been prepared, each crown is unique and designed for you. All of our crowns are made of porcelain.  We can provide advice to help you in your decision, so when you want to restore your smile to its very best, we’ll have the answers for you.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Have you been holding off replacing missing teeth? There is an alternative to dentures, partials, and bridges that could work for you. Dental implants use a titanium insert into the jawbone as an anchor for the replacement, the same as the root of a tooth does. Some patients may require a bone graft, but as long as you’re in general good health it’s an excellent option for you. They provide a permanent fix for your smile, and they look and feel just like your own teeth.