January 2015

Sedation Options

Remember the “good old days”, when kids walked miles to go to one-room schools, the only way to talk with someone far away was a hand-written letter, and going to the dentist was a painful and difficult experience? Today’s patients enjoy a relaxing, stress and pain free visit every time, thanks to modern practices. We keep you comfortable at every appointment, with a range of sedation options guaranteed to soothe even the most anxious patient. No matter how tense you used to get before going for a dental checkup, you’ll discover a peaceful experience awaits you.

Gummy Smile

Next time you look at a beautiful painting, take a moment to examine at the frame. Chances are, a lot of time and consideration were put into choosing just the right frame to enhance the appearance of the painting itself, and the wrong frame can make a great picture less appealing. The same is true with your smile. We don’t normally think about it, but the shape of your gums plays a large part in the quality of your smile. Having a “gummy” smile takes away from the look of your teeth, making them appear shorter and uneven.

Teeth Whitening

The foods we eat can discolour our teeth over time, leaving them dingy and yellowed. Sometimes illness or disease can leave your teeth less white than you would prefer. Even a normal lifetime of wear can darken your smile, but we can bring a dramatic improvement in as little as one visit. Our teeth whitening system, Zoom!,  is a proven, effective, and simple way to restore the natural colour of your teeth, and give you back the look you always wanted. Want to find out if we can help bring back your winning smile? Ask for a consultation today.

Resin Veneers

Are veneers a cosmetic change or a functional improvement? For many patients, they’re a bit of both. Dental veneers are a thin layer of ceramic or resin bonded directly to your teeth. They’re a great, and permanent, way to give you a perfect white smile, covering over worn, cracked, or chipped teeth. They also strengthen weak teeth and can correct minor gaps and provide you with a uniform set of teeth in just two or three visits. In addition to porcelain veneers we offer direct resin veneers for some patients where appropriate.